Would you like to know more about the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic (PMR), travel and enjoy your vacation here, but you don’t know what to visit and what to see in Pridnestrovie? The tourist website of Pridnestrovie (many foreigners call it “Transnistria”) will tell you about splendid sights and tourist infrastructure of the republic.

There are many wonderful places in Pridnestrovie: the beautiful Catherine Park in Tiraspol, the ancient Bendery fortress, the impressive Yagorlyk reserve, the picturesque grape terraces in the village of Stroentsy, beautiful and inspiring Kamenka. You can also visit well known enterprises of the PMR: Aquatir, Kvint, Moldavian Metallurgical Plant, Dubossary Hydroelectric Power Station and many others. Check out our Guide and discover plenty of places for rest and travel in Pridnestrovie!

It will be interesting for guests to see the Soviet heritage that is well preserved in Pridnestrovie: Lenin monuments, buildings in the Soviet architectural style, mosaic décor that was popular during the Soviet Union (USSR).

For many travelers journey begins with thorough planning. And so that you do not miss anything interesting, the website has all the information on various tourist routes in Pridnestrovie. Choose a topic of your interest, for example – “German settlements in Pridnestrovie”, “Polish traditions”, “Trolleybus Excursions” or a gastronomic tour “Tastes of Pridnestrovie” – and here is a list of suggested places to visit and history of this place…

On the tourist portal you can also watch virtual tours of Pridnestrovie to see the preview of the sights and landscapes and quickly decide where to go. The tourist website of Pridnestrovie will provide you with useful information – where to eat and where to stay in Pridnestrovie: the best cafes, restaurants, hotels and guest houses of the PMR are waiting for you!

If you don’t want to spend your time planning  your travel and recreation in the PMR on your own than you just find a travel agency or a guide on the website who will help you join the upcoming excursion, tell you a lot of curious stories during the trip and arrange a wonderful vacation in the PMR.

Cozy, picturesque, with an ancient history, but at the same time a very modern Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic – created for tourism and new impressions!

Visit Pridnestrovie!