18 Souvenirs to Bring Home from Pridnestrovie

Learn about traditional souvenirs from Pridnestrovie that you can give to friends or bring home from a trip to Tiraspol, Bender, other cities and villages of Pridnestrovie. The list includes postcards and stamps, spirits and black caviar, coins, bed linen, clothes and national costumes, handmade souvenirs and much more. A video about some manufacturers of recommended souvenirs is on this web page.

Enjoy your shopping!

A set of plastic coins of Pridnestrovie which are roubles made of composite materials. The coins depict portraits of the military commander Alexander Suvorov, the architect of the Tiraspol fortress France de Volan, count Peter Rumyantsev and empress Catherine the Great.
Cards.  To send a card from a country that “doesn’t exist” to anywhere in the world seems impossible, but our guests easily do it. Every tourist may know the secret by taking up the challenge.
A bottle of Kvint spirits. Today the company with a 120-year-old history is the leader of alcohol production in the Moldavian region. Every year Kvint makes about 20 million bottles of wine, brandy and distillery products with 30 titles of divins (brandies) aged from 3 to 60 years, as well as ordinary and mature wines, vodkas, gins, brandies, calvados. Don’t forget to buy one!
A bottle of Buket Moldavii (“bouquet of Moldavia”). Try vermouths, flavoured and sparkling wines, liqueurs, bitters, balsams, hard drinks, brandies and divins, made on a unique original receipt. Every sip of a Buket Moldavii herbal tea, which as to its creators’ idea is like walking on the field of uncut wild grass and flowers, will keep good memories of Pridnestrovie for long.
Stamps. The history of the Pridnestrovian philately began in 1873 with the opening of the Tiraspol county post office. Today, the problem of the region’s stamp collecting is that all postage stamps of the Pridnestrovian Stamp State Enterprise can circulate only within the Republic. The main reason is its internationally unrecognized status, which also arouses interest among stamp collectors. The value of the Pridnestrovian stamps lies in production of small sets with high-quality design and printing. Meanwhile, regular cancellations help to attract collectors who want to acquire several sets for further exchange with other collectors.
Mărțișor (Martenitsa) is a small piece of adornment which is a bonbonniere with flowers, butterflies, bells, little people coloured red and white. According to tradition, on the 1st of May, Pridnestrovie celebrates one of the most favourite national holidays Mărțișor.
The map of Pridnestrovie. There is a wide choice of maps for collectors, printed not only on paper, but also on other materials and goods.
Set of bed linen made of high-quality fabrics at a reasonable price. Tirotex, the leading textile company, offers bed linen for home, hotels and medical institutions.
Men shirts by the Odema garment factory and not just this. Its exclusive collections have repeatedly become the winners and laureates of international contests and fashion shows held in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kiev, Chisinau and other centres of fashion industry. Odema has been working with world-famous Europe and US brands like Warehoused, Street One, Calmo, Canda, Justina, Martinelli, Dolce&Gabbana, Armani, Belstaff, Palermo, Max Mara, Mariella Spa, La Coccinella Spa, Via Nuova Spa.
Outwear for men, women and children of European quality by the Intercentrelux sewing factory. 25 years of cooperation with European partners such as Prada, Armani, Moncler, Burberry, Peuterey, Calvin Klein and others. The winner of the Gold Arch of Europe for high quality and latest technologies.
FC Sheriff merchandise. The fans of the famous football club Sheriff will enjoy a visit to the Sports Complex fields and a fan shop where they can buy souvenirs and sports gear.
A jar of black caviar. Aquatir is a unique fish-farming enterprise which breeds sturgeon species and produce natural black caviar of starlet, bester, Russian and white sturgeon. The technologies of production allow to harvest caviar from female fish, raised in artificial environment. Methods of caviar processing help to preserve a perfect combination of taste and ecological purity typical for wild fish.
Matryoshka dolls are hand-painted wooden dolls, symbols of Russian culture. In Pridnestrovie you may find thematic sets with pictures of cities and districts and dolls in national costumes.
Traditional home-spun handiwork. Embroidered with folk multinational patterns and ornaments, towels, table cloth, napkins, carpets and rugs keep native traditions of Pridnestrovie.
National costumes. Shirts, skirts, dresses, belts, and wreaths with bright and lush/vibrant …., typical for the Pridnestrovian region.
Pottery. Beautiful pottery ware of any kind and variety with national ornaments and patterns will bring joy and positive vibes to their owner.
Traditional decorations of natural materials. Corn leaves, grapevine, wheat, and wood are basic natural materials which local craftsmen use to make souvenirs for interior decoration.
Handicrafts of natural wool. Souvenir toys and fairy characters made by our local seamstresses will be a lot of fun for our guests and tourists. Exclusive handwork, feelings and emotions.