Agropansion Poyata

The Agropansion Poyata guest house is located in a picturesque place in the village of Goyany near the Yagorlyk reserve park. Here you can fully enjoy the atmosphere of rural life. All rooms are furnished in traditional Moldovan style, with homespun carpets and pottery, and in one room there is even a bed located on the home furnace.

There is a wood-fired sauna with an indoor pool, a kitchen and a dining room at the guests’ service. At your request, you will be served traditional Moldovan dishes from fresh homemade products, and, of course, will be served homemade wine from the cellar.

For those who like fishing, there is all necessary equipment here. You can also go for a boat trip along the Dniester and Yagorlyk or take an excursion to the monasteries and cascades in Tsypova and Saharna.

The guesthouse can accommodate up to 15 people.

Pridnestrovie, s. Goyany, center

Phone: +373 778 02595, +373 794 39447, +373 775 82959