Akvatir sturgeon complex

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Akvatir sturgeon complex

Opened in 2006, the Akvatir sturgeon complex is a unique enterprise for the production of natural black caviar of sterlet, bester, Russian sturgeon and beluga.

Fish breeding takes place in recirculation systems, which completely eliminates the influence of external factors. The enterprise includes fish breeding facilities for general purposes, a fish processing workshop and a modern laboratory. Design

capacity is 50-80 tons of salable fish and 5 tons of caviar per year. The productive capacity of the fish processing workshop is 500 tons of produce annually, and the range of the complex totals more than one hundred items.

In 2014, Aquatir was certified according to the FSSC 22000 system, which provides the highest requirements in the food industry. The company’s products are exported to the USA, Romania, the UK, Germany, Japan, Indonesia, Estonia, etc.

Tiraspol, Novotiraspolsky Township, str. Sovetskaya, 1

Tel +373 533 30093

E-mail: manager1@aquatir.md

Сайт: www.aquatir.md