Alexander Nevsky Park

Bendery What to see in Bendery

Alexander Nevsky Park assembled the citadel and the military church located near its walls into a single complex. The park was opened on October 7, 2018 – on the eve of the 610th anniversary of the first chronicle mention of Bendery.

In the center of the park, there is a bust of the great Russian prince and famous commander Alexander Nevsky that was previously at the walls of the military church. From the monument, the paths like rays lead to the military church and the citadel, exhibition hall, stage, playround and rollerdrome, and other facilities of the park. In early 2019, Old Bastion hotel and restaurant complex, built in the old Turkish style, was opened in the park not far from the Main (Tsaregrad) Gate.

The exhibition hall is located next to the military church of Alexander Nevsky. The total area of the hall exceeds 500 square meters. There is permanent Liberator Soldier gallery. The gallery presents sculptures of soldiers in uniforms from a certain historical period, exact copies of regimental banners and informational stands with a text description.

Besides the permanent gallery, the exhibition hall hosts cultural and educational events and art exhibitions. The first exhibition, which was shown to visitors on the opening day of the park, was “Orthodox Pridnestrovie”. It consists of about 130 art works – paintings, frescoes, mosaic compositions, photographs.