Archangel Michael Cathedral 

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Archangel Michael Cathedral 

In 1802 a new stone church in honor of the Archangel Michael was built in Rybnitsa with donations from parishioners. It was built instead of a dilapidated adobe church of the 17th century. 80 years later, a bell tower was added to the church, and four years later it was painted inside. In 1896, a new iconostasis and altar were built and painted in the church, but in the early 30s of the 20th century the church stopped worship.

In November 1990, the foundation stone of the new Archangel Michael Cathedral was laid in Rybnitsa. The architect P.G. Yablonsky became the author of the project of the revived temple. On November 21, 1991, the first service was held in the lower Church of St. Markell, Hegumen of the monastery of the Unsleeping Ones. But the construction of the Cathedral was completed only in 2006.

The architecture of the cathedral reflects the best tra­ditions of Russian temple architecture. On the third tier of the bell tower of the church there is a large bell­ called “Blagovest”. It is surrounded by 10 more bells, the smallest of which weighs 4 kg. The cathedral is an architectural monument and one of the symbols of Rybnitsa.


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