JSC “Bendery Brewery” is a historical enterprise of the city of Bender. In 1860, a brewery was built on the banks of the Dniester River, which produced beer until the Great Patriotic War, when a direct hit from an aerial bomb destroyed it.

After the annexation of Bessarabia to Russia in 1812, the desert region began to quickly populate and, thanks to a number of benefits provided by the tsarist government to the new territories, began to develop at an accelerated pace. In 1818 Bendery became a district center, where small factories were opened. The most developed were the milling and brewing industries.

On the basis of the data available in the museum, Bendery Brewery produced beer in the middle of the 19th century, and this is confirmed by a unique exhibit stored at the factory – a glass bottle with a relief pre-revolutionary inscription “Dniester Brewery”. Another confirmation of the existence and active functioning of the plant is the confirmation of the manufacturers of glass containers in the city of Novocherkask, Rostov region, Russia, at the production facilities of which these historical bottles were produced.

The brewery produces beer “Staraya Krepost – Classic”, “SK Original”, “SK Yubileinoye”, “Staraya Krepost”, which is the most famous brand in the region since 1996, soft drinks in an assortment, including sugar, kvass and mineral water “Varnitsa-3”. The production of alcoholic beverages was resumed.

7 Drujby str., Bendery

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