Bendery History

Bender is the oldest city in Pridnestrovie, first mentioned in written documents in 1408.

By the end of the 15th century, a fortress already existed on the elevated bank of Nistru near the settlement. It would become one of the largest fortifications in this region of Europe. In 1538, the Ottoman Empire began a massive rebuilding of the fortress, and until 1812, Bender remained a Turkish city, until finally it was left to the Russian Empire under the Bucharest Peace Treaty.

For more than six centuries, the city and the fortress have seen dozens of wars and battles. In memory of the heroic history of Bender, the city is called the “City of Military Glory”. The last time the fortress served its intended purpose was to protect the city in 1992. A separate scientific and informational publication is dedicated to the history of Bender and of the fortress. It is called “Bender Fortress. A living symbol of history.”

Today Bender is the second largest city in Pridnestrovie, a powerful industrial and cultural centre and the largest railway hub.

The population of Bender is 91,000 people.