Republican Botanical Garden

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Republican Botanical Garden

The garden was laid out in 1959 on the initiative of Academician P.I. Dvornikov. At first, it was called the arboretum of the Academy of Sciences of the MSSR, and later became part of the Pridnestrovian Research Institute of Agriculture.

The Botanical Garden covers an area of ​​20.5 hectares and is located on the eastern outskirts of Tiraspol. It is famous for its constantly growing unique collections of diverse trees, shrubs, perennial and annual plant species. Saplings are also grown here for the beautification of cities and districts of Pridnestrovie.

In the center of the garden there is the main exhibit – the famous rose garden with more than 200 varieties of roses. The dendrological section, which occupies the north-western part of the park, is very rich: there are rare species of coniferous and deciduous species from different parts of the world. In the garden there is a collection of spice and medical plants, as well as plants from the endangered-species list.


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