Buket Moldavii plant

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Buket Moldavii plant

The winery “Buket Moldavii” is one of the symbols of Dubossary district and Pridnestrovie in whole. Today this brand produces more than 60 types of alcoholic pro­ducts, made according to original recipes: flavored vermouths, table and sparkling wines, bitters, liqueurs, balsams and divines from 3 to 8 years of aging. The company also produces heal­thy herbal teas. All products are made exclusively of natural raw materials: the vineyards of the legendary winery are spread over the area of 500 hectares.

The history of the company dates back to the early 1920s, when a coope­rative artel was opened on the place of a distillery, that worked before the revolution. During the war, it was significantly da­maged, and its property was looted. In 1946 the winery was actually rebuilt and since then it has been rapidly increasing its production. In the winemaking season of 1965, more than 40 thousand tons of grapes were processed here. That was a record for the enterprises of the USSR wine in­dustry . The “Buket Moldavii” trademark became recognizable throughout the Soviet Union, and wine with this label could be seen al­most anywhere in the vast country.

The creation of “Sanatate” balsam, which means “health”, is a clear evidence of the all-Union recognition of the winery. It was manufactured in 1976 by or­der of the Central Design Bureau of Expe­rimental Mechanical Engineering (now the S.P. Ko­rolev Rocket­ and Space Corporation “Energia”) with the participation of cosmona­ut training Center named after Y. A. Gagarin. The unique strong drink was produced exclusively for the Star City for several years, and only in 1982 its industrial produ­ction was started under the name “Kosmicheskiy”. It still has no equal anywhere in the world in terms of  saturation of biologically active, tonic, aro­matic and nutritional substances. The label de­sign for the balsam, which is still in use today, was developed by the famous Soviet cos­monaut Alexei Leonov – the first person who has been in outer space. In 2016, to his anniversary, the winery produced a personalized balsam “Cosmonaut Leonov”.

109 Sverdlova str., residential district Lunga, Dubossary

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