Café Spletni

Actually, Spletni is the English translation of the original name of the café, which sounds like ‘spletni’. The café is situated in the very heart of Tiraspol. The light colors of the interior and its elegant furniture make it look bright. The cuisine combines dishes in European, Russian and Japanese culinary traditions.

The cafe is ideal for private dates and business appointments, family celebrations and graduation parties; however, you can also find it a proper place to stay in the company of ‘I, me and myself’.  Fashionable and demanded place, the Café Spletni always has something to surprise its regulars. Here is a lot of music, the dessert list is regularly updated, and the menu is added with new items. The hall capacity is 100 seats. This is a place for business lunches, banquets, corporate events, children’s parties, and what not.


69, Sverdlova str., Tiraspol

Tel: +373 779 51-678 (administrators)