Caponier gun, model of 1902

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Caponier gun, model of 1902

The 76.2-mm field quick-firing gun, also known as the “three-inch”, was developed in 1902 by the designers of the Putilovsky plant L. A. Bishlyak, K. M Sokolovsky and K. I. Lipnitsky. It was considered one of the best guns of its time.

“Three-inch” guns are not uncommon by themselves. Of the approximately 2,500 guns available in the Red Army by 1928, these guns were in the majority. But the one in Rybnitsa had a minimal chance to survive up to the present.  These guns were installed on a stationary carriage of 1932 model, to be placed in fortifications – caponiers. These carriages did not allow to move or evacuate the gun quickly. Such guns were usually detonated when retreating, otherwise the enemy did it.

The gun in Rybnitsa was placed in a pillbox near the railway bridge over the Dniester river and, apparently, survived by a miracle. Currently, the gun is placed near the building of the Rybnitsa Museum of Local History and is rightly considered a unique exhibit of its kind.