Catherine Park

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the republic, Tiraspol was transformed beyond recognition. The new Catherine Park is located in the very center of the capital city. It is symbolic that the park was named after the Russian empress who signed the decree to found Tiraspol.

The main symbol of the Catherine Park is a 4.5-meter-high monument to the Russian empress. The majestic half ton bronze monument depicts Catherine II on the throne of the Russian Empire. Catherine the Great holds the symbol of the monarch’s state power – the orb in her right hand, in her left hand the queen holds a document on the construction of the Sredinnaya Fortress . The monument has been located opposite the bronze monument to Alexander Suvorov on his horse in the center of Tiraspol. The monument to Suvorov has been in the center of Tiraspol since 1979. Entrance groups of the park are presented by arches that unite two sides of the park into a single composition. They are like portals that mark the entrance to the park space.

The park itself is a cozy place for walking, meeting friends, and photo sessions. There are six fountains in the park that are being highlighted  in the evening. The park is decorated with cozy rotundas that create the atmosphere of the past centuries. There are two small lakes in the park. Around the smaller lake, sports lovers can have a great time and exercise. There are football and basketball fields, jogging tracks, table tennis tables, pull-up bars and a rollerdrome. Near the second lake there is a miniature of the Sredinnaya Fortress, because around the walls of this fortress, the future capital of Pridnestrovie was built more than 200 years ago. The larger lake is home to a family of lovely white swans. The children’s amusement park “City of Miracles” is decorated with forged characters from famous cartoons.