Central Park of Culture and Leisure

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 Central Park of Culture and Leisure

The town’s park is the visiting card of Grigoriopol and one of the main places of rest for citizens. It regularly hosts festive events, concerts and field registration of marriages.

In 2005, a memorial sign appeared in the central park to honour the founding of Grigoriopol – a granite stone with an information slab. The precise day of the founding of the town – July 25, 1792 – as well as details of this festive event are well known to history.

A pier was built near the banks of Nistru, where about two dozen ships moored: eminent guests arrived at the ceremony of laying the corner stone of the city. In place of the current central square, there was a triumphal arch with the monogram of the Russian Empress Catherine II. The arch was carved and twined with greenery and flowers.

It was around this arch that guests and townspeople gathered when the ruler of Ekaterinoslav Viceroy Vasily Kakhovsky read out the decree of Catherine II on the foundation of Grigoriopol and six stones were laid, symbolizing the foundation of the city. Four stones marked the boundaries of the city, one stone was for the foundation of the cathedral church, another for the main building – the city council.