Children’s music school named after George Murg, Lenin monument

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Children’s music school named after George Murg,  Lenin monument

The executive committee of the Dubossary Council of People’s Deputies on April 15, 1955 decided to open a children’s music school in Dubossary. In June of that year, the enrollment of the first students began. There were only four first musical teachers (Boris Grigorievich Shekhtman, Pavel Grigorievich Golovko, Mikhail Evgenievich Gutsan, Isai Panteleevich Ginku), and 15 students enrolled that year. The director of the music school was appointed Boris G. Shekhtman. Opened in the post-war years, the school immediately became the center of the cultural life of the city, a breath of clean air, a place of cultural development for citizens. The school was located in a two-story building on Lomonosov Street, 10 with 2 departments functioning in it – a day and an evening one.