Church of Saint Paraskeva of the Balkans, Valia Adynke village

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Church of Saint Paraskeva of the Balkans, Valia Adynka village

In the north of Pridnestrovie, in one of the most authentic villages, against the backdrop of hills and a picturesque forest, this unusual church is located. It differs from others in its architecture and simplicity of execution. The walls of the temple are lined with natural stone, and the roof of the bell tower and the dome are painted blue. This creates the impression of unity with the surrounding nature.

Construction of the first wooden church in the village dates back to the beginning of the 17th century. In 1847, the parishioners funded building of a new stone one-dome round church, survived to this day. Its long-term restoration began in 2008, during which the building was overhauled and repainted. After completion of this work the church was consecrated.


37, Zarechnaya str., Valia Adynka village, Kamenka district

+373 216 2 09 82