Church of St. Andrew the First-Called

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Church of St. Andrew the First-Called

The Church of St. Andrew the First-Called was built in 1997. There was the Trinity Church of the 56th Zhitomir Infantry Regiment not far from this place, destroyed in the 1930s.

The regimental church was built in Tiraspol in 1903, but, like other churches of Tiraspol, it was closed in Soviet times. After the war, the remains of the church were blown up to make room for a sports ground.

In the 1990s, the idea to restore the church arose. It was built on the territory of the military camp of the Operational Group of Russian Troops in Pridnestrovie. Funds for the construction were donated by the soldiers of the OGRT, who now make up the majority of its parishioners.


159, Karla Libknekhta Str., Tiraspol

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