Craft route of Pridnestrovie




Craft route of Pridnestrovie



Pridnestrovie celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2020, Tiraspol is 228 years old, Bendery is 612 years old, and the craft on our land is thousands of years old!

As long as there is a person, he has always been engaged in arranging his space, making objects for life and home, clothes, traditional rituals. For centuries, from generation to generation, the secrets of the craft were passed down and the skills were mastered.

You can touch the origins of the region’s handicrafts and try with your own hands craftsmanship and handicrafts.

A handicraft tourist route has been is planned in Pridnestrovie from Dubossary to Bender.

Galina Kharchenko's pottery workshop

Galina Kharchenko’s pottery workshop

Clay is not only a fine-grained sedimentary rock, but also an amazing material. Since ancient times, people have used pottery, and today it is gaining popularity. Jugs, cups, bowls, plates, pots – all this can be purchased in the workshop, or you can do it yourself. You can try working with a potter’s wheel as a part of the master class, learn the secrets of working with clay and discover the birth of the mikl ceramics.

Village Vladimirovka, st. Sports, 24

+737 0 778 50-461, +373 620 54-849

Instagram: @galakharchenko

Craft house-workshop "Woolen house "Mioara"

Craft house-workshop “Woolen house “Mioara”

The workshop is opened to lovers of weaving, natural clothes and fabrics, and national skirts – katrintse. You will get acquainted with the process of making an integral part of the Moldavian folk costume – a bryu belt, as well as large patterned woven purses or shoulder knapsacks for men and women.

Svetlana Kozhukhar – the owner of the house, preserved the old looms of her great-grandmother with great affection, and continues this craft. The process of the birth of the canvas is truly fascinating – this is meditation, this is magic.

Slobodzeya, st. Dnestrovskaya 8a

+373 777 00457

Sergei Blets leather workshop

Sergei Blets leather workshop

Leather goods have been used since ancient times, and they have proven their right to exist. Today leather goods and accessories represent prestige, status and exclusivity. Sergey makes all seams and patterns exclusively by hand. Those who wish can try to make a leather accessory according to their own idea, of course, under the strict supervision of the craftsman, because the instrument is sharp.

Dubossary, street Solnechnaya 22

+373 60 826 722

Instagram: @my_way_leather

Woodworking workshop of Andrey Schepansky

Woodworking workshop of Andrey Schepansky

Bendery is famous not only for its fortress, but also for its craftsman of woodworking. The warmth of the wood attracts and captivates with the pattern of curving lines and intricate knots. Various products that can be used in everyday life even today, which, by the way, are environmentally friendly, these are bowls, plates, mortars, spoons, boxes, mugs, vases, barrels, keep the love of the native land and the unique idea of ​​the master. The workshop is full of blanks, wooden hemp, special tools and work tools.

Bender, st. Baltskaya, 1

+373 777 60377

Masters of hand embroidery of national clothes, towels and pillows

Also in Bendery, masters of hand embroidery of national clothes, towels and pillows Olga Nevelskaya, Irina Shcherbaty, Irina Ryabinskaya and Olga Badeeva will conduct an excursion on the techniques and regional features of the embroidery pattern of the undershirt, baptismal dress, and introduce you to legends and traditions. If you have never held a needle and a hoop for embroidery, this is a great chance to try to embroider yourself, for example, an amulet symbol on a scarf, which will keep the connection between generations and times, or, for example, a wedding dress.

Embroidery, as scientists have proven, is an excellent antidepressant, develops fine motor skills and memory.

+373 777 50069, +373 68 981 971

Office of the Regional Association of Creative Laboratories and Crafts

The office of the Regional Association of Creative Laboratories and Crafts in Bendery brings together creative and talented people and gladly prepares for you various master classes for children and adults, creative meetings in different areas: painting, decoupage, textile toys, eco-cosmetics, felting from wool, ribbon embroidery, knitting and a lot more.

Contact the address: Benedra, st. 40 years of Victory, 42

+373 777 50069, +373 68 981 971