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Dnestr Health Resort

The Dnestr Health Resort is the oldest spa place in the region, known far beyond Transdnietria. Due to its favorable geographical location, beautiful hilly landscape and mild climate, the resort regularly hosts thousands of people who want to improve their health.

Kamenka gained fame as the first resort, which practiced the method of grape juice treatment, in the south-west of the Russian Empire back in the 1870s. At the invitation of P.Kh. Wittgenstein’s grandson Prince Fedor Lvovich, Austrian builders came and erected in the Kamenka park a two-story building of the kurhaus (spa house) with living quarters as well as a buffet, a restaurant, a reading room, a billiard room, and a dance hall. Small resort cottages were constructed nearby.

After an interval of non-functioning, the revival of the Kamenka health resort began in the 1930s. In 1935, the grand opening of the first sanatorium in the Moldavian Autonomous SSR took place. In 1976, a new sanatorium complex was put into operation on the territory of the resort. It consists of two dormitories for 450 resort visitors, a treatment and manipulation section, a swimming pool and therapeutic baths; there is a concert hall, a library and other facilities. A spacious canteen can simultaneously accommodate up to six hundred vacationers. The resort is surrounded by a large park area, being in the heart of it.

Today, the Dnestr Health Resort is one of the most modern and technically equipped health resorts of the region where modern methods of treatment and diagnosis are applied. To improve the health of vacationers, various types of therapy are practiced, from therapeutic baths, including radon baths, to all types of therapeutic massage, etc.

The resort has its own drinking pump room (a special pavilion arranged above a well of mineral water) with cold and warm mineral healing water Dnestryanka.

Kamenka, str. Lenin, 53

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