Dnestrovsk History

Dnestrovsk is the youngest town of Pridnestrovie.

Dnestrovsk is known in Pridnestrovie as a town of power engineers and relates directly to the construction of the Moldovan Hydropower Plant – a power plant, that was to provide electricity to the Moldovan SSR and southern regions of the Ukrainian SSR.

Dnestrovsk grew simultaneously with the construction of the plant: multi-storey buildings, schools, the House of Culture app­eared, sto­res and other household establishments opened. In 1963, the new locality received the status of an urban-type settlement, and later was named after the Dniester river. A year later, the first unit of the Moldovan HPP was put into operation. And in 1980, the fifth sta­ge of the power plant started working. Its pipe rises to 330 meters and is considered the highest in Europe.

Dnestrovsk received the status of the town in 2002. Nowadays it remains the most important energy centre of Pridnestrovie. The town ho­sts the College of Energy and Computer Technologies, which tra­ins specialists for the energy sector in Pridnestrovie. Dne­strovsk is notable for its clean and green boulevards and streets. In summer the town becomes a popular holiday destination for tourists from all over Pridnestrovie, who come to have a rest on the shore of the Kuchurhan estuary.

The population of Dnestrovsk is 10 000 people.