Exhibition plans of three art galleries of Pridnestrovie


Tiraspol Art Gallery

Exhibition “History in Pictures”, dedicated to the 60th anniversary of painting.

The three halls display works by various local artists from the 1960s to the 2020s. The main part is the works of Alexander Foinitsky, who is considered the chronicler of Tiraspol. Many of his works are kept in the museum funds. There are also works by recognized masters of painting: M. E. Gamburd, E. I. Kildescu, A. F. Foinitsky, M. I. Rudenko, E. F. Charykov, V. V. Kulichenko, E. F. Iovitsa and many others. Visitors will have a rare opportunity to see works that have never been exhibited before.

Tiraspol, Naberejny lane, 1

Bendery State Art Museum

Exhibition “Tuning Fork of Art”, dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the museum.

The exhibition consists of three sections:

  • Western European engraving of the 18th–19th centuries
  • Soviet painting of the twentieth century
  • Modern Pridnestrovian art.

This is an exhibition of works from the funds of the museum and private collections. There are 209 exhibits in total: from ancient engravings, porcelain and furniture to new works by honored artists of Pridnestrovie.

Bendery, Komunisticheskaya str., 77

Rybnitsa Art Gallery

Exhibition of beginning artist Elena Pimenova.

On the canvases of her paintings, the aspiring artist depicts biblical scenes, children’s portraits, rural landscapes, Mediterranean motifs and flowers. The exhibition presents about 70 works.

Rybnitsa, Pobedy lane, 2