Dubossary Zoo

A private zoo appeared in Dubossary in 2010 with the support of local authorities. The foun­der and owner of the zoo was P. Bielski. Animals from various regions of Russia, Ukraine and Moldova were settled here. Most of the fauna consists of birds:­ pheasants, guinea fowls, swans, peacocks, parrots and black ostriches. The latter live in a special aviary and can walk in the open air. The zoo is also home to many mammals: foxes, roe deer, ferrets, Vietnamese pigs, ponies, and others. One of the most famous inhabitants is the brown bear, presented to the zoo by the Chisinau shapito circus.

There are about 40 aviaries in the zoological park. During the cold season all thermophilic animals are placed in specially heated pavilions.

26 Energetikov str., Dubossary

Tel: +373-215-3-50-12, +373-777-19-283