Grigoriopol History

Grigoriopol district was first established on October 12, 1924 as part of the Moldavian Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic. Later, its administrative-territorial position changed several times. In 1971, Grigoriopol district was re-created.

The centre of the district – Grigoriopol – was founded by decree of Catherine II in 1792. For a long time Grigoriopol was an Armenian colony and an important trade centre on Nistru. In Soviet times, Grigoriopol was considered an urban-type settlement, and in 2002, it “regained” the status of the city.

On the territory of the district there are settlements known as the Glueckstahl colonies: Kolosovo (Bergdorf), Glinoe (Glueckstahl), Karmanovo (Neudorf). German immigrants who later lived in Pridnestrovie for many years founded them at the beginning of the 19th century.

Today Grigoriopol is an important administrative and cultural centre.

The population of the city and of the district is 39,800 people.