Holy Ascension Novo-Nyametsky Monastery

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Holy Ascension Novo-Nyametsky Monastery

The monastery, located in the center of the village of Kitskany, is an outstanding monument of Orthodox church architecture. The monastery ensemble consists of four churches: Holy Ascension Cathedral (summer), Assumption Church (winter), St. Nicholas (seminary) and Holy Cross Church (refectory) churches. In the monastery there are hotels for pilgrims, a church museum, a printing house and an icon-painting workshop, as well as a library in which documents, miniatures and ancient books of the 15-19 centuries are preserved. The pearl of the monastery is a five-tier bell tower, 69 meters high, from the top of which a panoramic view of the picturesque surroundings opens. Its largest bell weighs 8.5 tons.

The history of the monastery is closely connected with the Nyametsky Lavra, which was one of the largest medieval centers of Moldavian culture and education. After the unification of the Principality of Moldova with Wallachia and the formation of Romania, the authorities of the latter began a policy of secularizing church lands and changing monastic charters, and also prohibited worship in Church Slavonic. Fleeing from persecution, the monks of the Lavra moved to the Russian Empire and in 1864 received the highest permission to establish the Novo-Nyametsky Monastery. The construction of the monastery complex took almost 50 years.

In Soviet times, the abbots of the monastery were persecuted, some were repressed. In 1962, the monastery was finally closed, and in the bell tower, which served as an observation point during the war, the Museum of Military Glory of the Iasi-Chisinau Operation was equipped. The monastery resumed its activities only in 1990.

Through the efforts of the governor Dorimedont (Chekan), the temples, the bell tower and cells of the monastery were repaired, a religious school was opened, a chapel was laid in honor of the miraculous icon of the Mother of God Novo-Nyametskaya, designed to bless the water. The restored library building houses a Museum of the monastery’s history.

The monastery has many shrines. In the 19th century, the patriarchs of Jerusalem and Constantinople presented the cloister with a silver cross with a particle of the Life-giving Cross, a particle of stone from the Holy Sepulcher, a particle of the holy relics of the Apostle Philemon. These shrines were later placed in a decorated gilded bronze ark.

In 2013, in memory of his visit to the monastery, the Primate of the Russian Orthodox Church, Patriarch Kirill, presented the image of St. Seraphim of Sarov as a gift.


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