Home-Museum of I.N. Koval, Hero of the Soviet Union

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Home-Museum of I.N. Koval, Hero of the Soviet Union

Ivan Nesterovich Koval was called up for the Red Army in 1941 and from July of 1942 he was fighting on the fronts of World War II. By September 1943, he commanded an artillery gun as part of the 7th Guards Army of the Stepnoy Front. Especially did he distinguish himself in the operation of crossing the Dnieper. Koval’s gunners were supposed to distract the forces of the Nazis, making it possible to cross the river for the main part of the Soviet troops. During a protracted battle, the gunners destroyed a tank and a large number of enemy soldiers and officers. Toward the end of the battle, Ivan Koval remained alone at the gun: he loaded, aimed and fired shots. For his courage and heroism in October 1943 he was awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union. In 1984, on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the MSSR territory liberation, there was an inauguration of I.N, Koval’s home-museum. Here are photos of the hero’s family, his documents and personal belongings, household items from the pre-war and post-war time, books from Ivan Nesterovich’s personal library and other exhibits.

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