House of Culture in the village of Chobruchi

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House of Culture

The decision to build a modern House of Culture for 600 seats was made in 1953. It was the first object built after the merger of six small agricultural­ enterprises of the village of Chobruchi into a single large collective farm. The authors of the project were architects V.P. Alexandrov­ and I.S. Eltman, as well as D.K. Rodin, who was involved in the design of the pediment and the interior.

The architecture of the facade is typical of the post-war decade.­ The four-column portico emphasizes the main entrance and is well connected to the side facades. Due to its beauty and exquisite architecture, the House of­ Culture for many years ranked first in the MSSR at competitions of rural centers of culture.

Immediately after opening on November 4, 1956, the building housed art groups, a library, and a film installation.

Today, the House of Culture, renovated in 2015, remains the center of cultural life of the village. A considerable number of creative groups work here, including the folk vocal and instrumental ensemble “Parusnik” (Sailboat), the orchestra of Moldavian music “Taraf”, the vocal group “Chobruchanka”, etc.