House of Culture in the village of Sucleia

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House of Culture in the village of Sucleia

The house of culture in the village of Sukleya was founded based on the decree of the general meeting of members of the collective farm named after Kirov of the Sukleya Village Council of Tiraspol region that took place on February 20, 1957.

The main activities of the House of Culture of the village of Sukleya are:

– organization and holding of cultural and leisure events (performances, entertainment programs, concerts, meetings, promotional activities);

– satisfaction of the spiritual needs and interests of all categories of citizens;

– preservation and development of cultural and national traditions, introduction of innovative forms of leisure;

– creating the necessary conditions for the development of amateur performances of various genres and forms.

The House of Culture organizes concert programs, competitions, meetings, demonstration of films and animated films.

The House of culture has art groups: “Lyra” art reading group, “Veselye notki” children’s vocal group, “Rodnichok” vocal group, “Solovushka” solo singing group, “Arlekino” theater group, “Light of the soul” theater Studio, “Baby top” drama circle, “Kristall” modern dance group, and “Aphrodite” health aerobics group.