House Polish Volodyevsky is an ethnographic house-museum. It bears the name of Jerzy (Yuri) Volodyevsky (1620-1672) – a military leader of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, a hero of the Polish-Turkish war of 1672-1676. In the novel by the famous Polish writer Henryk Sienkiewicz “Pan Volodyevsky” Rashkov is mentioned as a fortified stronghold in which the last Polish garrison was located. House Polsky has been operating since 2015. Here you can get acquainted with the Polish cultural heritage, take pictures in national costumes from different regions of Poland, get acquainted with the work and biography of Henryk Sienkiewicz, Polish folklore, and enjoy Polish cuisine. You can also stay here overnight.

By prior arrangement, dishes of national cuisine and a place to stay for the night will be prepared for you.

12 Pokrovskaya str., Rashkovo village
+373 777 24018