Industrial Route – Legend

1. Tiraspol

  • Visit to the sturgeon complex Aquatir

Opened in 2006, the Aquatir sturgeon complex is a unique enterprise for the production of natural black caviar of sterlet, bester, Russian sturgeon and beluga. Fish breeding takes place in recirculation systems, which eliminates the influence of external factors.

The enterprise includes fish breeding facilities for general purposes, a fish processing workshop and a modern laboratory. Design capacity is 50-80 tons of saleable fish and 5 tons of caviar per year. The productive capacity of the fish-processing workshop is 500 tons of products annually, and the range of the complex totals more than one hundred items.

In 2014, Aquatir was certified according to the FSSC 22000 system, which provides the highest requirements in the food industry. The company’s products are exported to the USA, Romania, the UK, Germany, Japan, Indonesia, Estonia, etc.

The cost of a tour without tasting is $10 per person and with tasting of black caviar is from $ 25 per person.

Ordering a tour without tasting is made 5 days in advance and with tasting 10 days in advance.

Tiraspol, Novotiraspolsky Township,

str. Sovetskaya, 1

Tel +373 533 30093, +373 533 3-00-95


  • Visit to the Tiraspol Winery and Distillery KVINT

KVINT, which is an acronym for ‘brandies, wines and beverages of Tiraspol’, is one of the most recognized Pridnestrovian brands in the world. Nowadays, the company successfully competes with prestigious global manufacturers of alcoholic beverages. Numerous awards won at international and inter-regional tastings and competitions confirm the high quality of KVINT products: 3 Super Grand Prix, more than 20 Grand Prix and about 230 gold and silver medals. You can taste the KVINT product line samples taking a factory tour.

During the tour of the main territory of Tiraspol Wine and Brandy Factory, the guide will introduce you to the enterprise history; will share the secrets of memorable dates and product awards. Visiting the production workshops and storage facilities, guests will be able to see how the famous KVINT drinks are born, as well as taste them.

The tour is provided by prior arrangement on weekdays for people over 18. The duration of the tour is 1 hour.

Tiraspol, str. Lenin, 38,

Tel: +373 533 9-65-77,

+373 533 9-61-70, +373 533 9-20-25,


  • Visit to CJSC Elektromash

CJSC Elektromash is a research and production enterprise, one of the largest manufacturers of electric explosion-proof and general industrial AC machines for operating equipment (pumping, ventilation and other types) designed for coal, chemical, oil, gas, mining, metallurgical and other industries, as well as energetics. Elektromash products have been used to equip mines of coal mining basins, transcontinental oil and gas pipelines, thermal and nuclear power plants, small hydropower plants, wind power plants, and power complexes.

Over the course of its 60-year history, the enterprise has delivered a considerable amount of electrical products to enterprises of the Russian Federation, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and other CIS countries, as well as to a number of non-CIS countries: Bulgaria, Romania, the Czech Republic, Iran, Syria, Egypt , Vietnam, Cuba, Turkey, etc.

CJSC Elektromash pursues a pricing policy aimed at achieving optimal and favourable prices for its customers, taking into account the products quality, order completion timing, and level of service, terms and forms of payment.

CJSC Elektromash follows the value for money principle; performing its operation quickly and efficiently, with an optimal price-quality ratio for the client allows our company to have a reputation of a reliable partner in supplying various types of electrical equipment.

The main tasks of the enterprise are providing high quality, keeping technological and design excellence of products, providing after-sales service, and fulfilling warranty obligations.

Tiraspol, Sacrier str., 1

General Director’s Office: + (373 533) 78-408

Fax: + (373 533) 78-479, 78-480



2. Dubossary

  • Visit to Dubossary Clothing Factory “Intercenter Lux”

Since January 2004, Dubossary Clothing Factory is part of the commercial and industrial company “Intercentre Lux”. It makes high quality clothing for leading European countries: Italy, Germany, Holland, Belgium and other. It is also quite successful on the US market.

In 2010, Dubossary Clothing Factory was awarded the order “Glory of Labour”.

The factory specializes in making various coats and raincoats from different kinds of fabric. Gore-Tex and Simpatex specialized technologies are broadly applied.

Every month, the factory makes about 100 new models from different product ranges. Total number of items release is about 100 thousand pieces annually. Clothes that are made at our factory by experienced masters are also sold in the chain of “Lux” brand shops and show rooms, both in Pridnestrovie and abroad.

The company used innovative technologies and modern equipment, made in Japan, Germany, Italy, Hungary etc. Highly qualified staff is involved in all stages of designing and making clothes.

“Clothes for all family”. This is the slogan of branded items developed by the group of designers, fashion artists and constructors of the factory. They follow the newest trends in the world fashion and used highest quality fabrics and materials, supplied from the US, Italy, Holland, France and CIS countries. The products of their work are successfully sold in the chain of “Lux” branded shops.

2″a” Lomonosov str., Dubossary

tel.: +373 215 3-54-72 (secretariat);

+373 215 3-56-51 (HR department)

  • Visit to “Buket Moldavii” Winery

The winery “Buket Moldavii” is one of the symbols of Dubossary district and Pridnestrovie in whole. Today this brand produces more than 60 types of alcoholic pro­ducts, made according to original recipes: flavoured vermouths, table and sparkling wines, bitters, liqueurs, balsams and divines from three to 8 years of aging. The company also produces heal­thy herbal teas. All products are made exclusively of natural raw materials: the vineyards of the legendary winery are spread over the area of 500 hectares.

The history of the company dates back to the early 1920s, when a coope­rative artel was opened on the place of a distillery, which worked before the revolution. During the war, it was significantly da­maged, and its property was looted. In 1946, the winery was actually rebuilt and since then it has been rapidly increasing its production. In the winemaking season of 1965, more than 40 thousand tons of grapes were processed here. That was a record for the enterprises of the USSR wine in­dustry. The “Buket Moldavii” trademark became recognizable throughout the Soviet Union, and wine with this label could be seen al­most anywhere in the vast country.

The creation of “Sanatate” balsam, which means “health”, is a clear evidence of the all-Union recognition of the winery. It was manufactured in 1976 by or­der of the Central Design Bureau of Expe­rimental Mechanical Engineering (now the S.P. Korolev Rocket­ and Space Corporation “Energia”) with the participation of cosmona­ut training Centre named after Y. A. Gagarin. The unique strong drink was produced exclusively for the Star City for several years, and only in 1982, its industrial produ­ction was started under the name “Kosmicheskiy”. It still has no equal anywhere in the world in terms of saturation of biologically active, tonic, aro­matic and nutritional substances. The famous Soviet cos­monaut Alexei Leonov – the first person, who has been in outer space, developed the label de­sign for the balsam, which is still in use today. In 2016, to his anniversary, the winery produced a personalized balsam “Cosmonaut Leonov”.

The visitors can taste divins, wines and strong beverages. The tasting also includes a guided tour of the territory of the winery and a visit to manufacturing facilities.

109 Sverdlova str., residential district Lunga, Dubossary

tel. +373 215 3-27-50,


  • Visit to Dubossary HPP

In 1955, the first hydropower power plant was launched on the Dniester River – the Dubossary HPP. Since then, it has been uninterruptedly supplying electricity to Pridnestrovie.

Enterprises from all over the Soviet Union helped to build the plant in Dubossary. Thousands of people of more than thirty natio­nalities worked at a construction that lasted five years. The commissioning of the Dubossary HPP initiated the creation of a centralized electricity supply in this region of the USSR.

In 1977, Dubossary HPP was presented at the Exhibition of National Economy Achievements of the USSR as a power plant of high reliability and automation. The HPP team was included in the Rep­ublican Book of Honour of Leading Enterprises, and the power plant was included in the all-Union tou­rist route.

Dubossary reservoir is adjacent to the dam of the hydropower plant. It is one of the most picturesque places in the whole area. The rich nature and picturesque views invariably att­ract many tourists.

The trip includes a visit inside the dam – to the tunnel that is 12 m deep and allows one to cross the Dniester underneath the river. A beautiful view opens up from the top deck of the dam.

34 Naberezhnaja str., Dubossary

Tel.: +373 215 3-47-55, +373 215 2-44-91


3. Rybnitsa

  • Visit to Moldova Steel Works

Moldova Steel Works is one of the most well-known and recognizable symbols of Pridnestrovie and Rybnitsa.

Founded in 1985, the plant is the main enterprise of the Pridnestrovian heavy industry and metallurgy and the most important taxpayer as well. Over 34 years, the plant has been modernized many times and state-of-the-art equipment has been installed. Today more than 2000 people work at Moldova Steel Works, the enterprise is 100% state-owned and is a town-forming one for Rybnitsa.

The plant uses a heavy-duty electric arc furnace, which can produce approximately one million tons of liquid steel per year. The products of the plant’s section rolling shop include angle bar, wire rod, rebar and channel.

Due to full adherence to specification, the plant has necessary international certificates of quality control system. This allowed Moldova Steel Works to supply products to the Middle East, Latin America, the European Union, CIS and South-East Asia.

The tours are organized for individuals aged above 16 upon preliminary request.

Address: 1 Industrialnaya str., Rybnitsa

tel.: +373 555 7-73-56, +373 555 7-78-23