Kamenka Cannery

It was founded in 1954. The plant is situated in the city of Kamenka, the most beautiful area of ​​the north of Pridnestrovie on the bank of the Dniester River. Since its foundation, the plant has specialized in producing canned meat as well as fruit and vegetables, juices and compotes. Due to the developed infrastructure and convenient location in the zone of fertile soils of Pridnestrovie, Kamenka cannery has become one of the leading regional producers of canned goods. Throughout its activities, the plant has actively expanded its product range and increased production capacity. The plant acquired its present shape in 2005, when modern high-tech production lines were put into operation, imported from Italy, Hungary, France, and Switzerland. The plant occupies the territory of ​​35 hectares. The cannery is equipped with its own water supply and water purification system. The production facilities of the enterprise consist of three technological complexes, as well as auxiliary ones. The major workshops are mechanical-and-electrical, boiler, transport, engineering networks, repair-and-construction, etc.