Moldova Steel Works

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Moldova Steel Works

Moldova Steel Works is one of the most well-known and recognizable symbols of Pridnestrovie and Rybnitsa.
Founded in 1985, the plant is the main enterprise of the Pridnestrovian heavy industry and metallurgy and the most important taxpayer as well. Over 34 years, the plant has been modernized many times and state-of-the-art equipment has been installed. Today more than 2000 people work at Moldova Steel Works, the enterprise is 100% state-owned and is a town-forming one for Rybnitsa.
The plant uses a heavy-duty electric arc furnace, which can produce approximately one million tons of liquid steel per year. The products of the plant’s section rolling shop include angle bar, wire rod, rebar and channel.
Due to full adherence to specification the plant has necessary international certificates of quality control system. This allowed Moldova Steel Works to supply products to the Middle East, Latin America, the European Union, CIS and South-East Asia.

Address: 1 Industrialnaya str., Rybnitsa
Tel: 0 (555) 7-78-37; 0 (555) 7-61-41