Moldovan Hydropower Plant

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Moldovan Hydropower Plant

In the late 1950s, during the years of rapid industrial growth, there was a need for a powerful power plant that could cover the shortage of electric power in the southern region of the USSR. In March 1959, the expedition of the Lviv Department of “Teploenergoproekt” conducted a study of the Kuchurhan estuary bank, and the Institute’s specialists developed a project of a thermal power plant and a nearby settlement. R. Lukavsky became the chief engineer of the project. In 1961, the construction of the facility and installation of equipment be­gan, and on September 26, 1964, the first power unit of the plant, called the Moldovan Hydro Power Plant, was launched. In the next nine years, ten more units were put into operation. By September 1977, the MHPP generated more than 100 billion kWh of electricity.

The MHPP was a state facility of special importance, and the most experienced Soviet specialists were se­nt for its construction and maintenance. Today, Moldovan HPP is one of the largest thermal power plants of such type on the continent, whi­ch provides Transdniestria and neighboring countries with electricity.

In Transdniestria and beyond, the plant is especially famous for one of its smoke stacks that is 330 meters high and is the highest in Europe.