Monument to Army Aviators

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Monument to Army Aviators

Here is the obelisk (erected in 1975) to pilots of the 17th Air Army that liberated the city of Tiraspol in 1944 as part of the 3rd Ukrainian Front. The MiG-19 fighter is mounted on the memorial pedestal. The commander of the army at that time was Lieutenant General V.A. Sudets, later Hero of the Soviet Union and Air Marshal.

The monument is located in the Aviator Square situated in Balka district stretching parallel to Str. Yunost. The length of the square is about100 m.  Despite its small size, this is one of the most visited rest places of the residents of Oktyabrsky microdistrict. Benches line the square alleys and there is a cozy restaurant nearby.

Tiraspol, str. Yunost, 1.