Museum of alcoholic beverages “Bottle”

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Museum of alcoholic beverages “Bottle”

In 1988, former President of the Tiligul football club Grigory Korzun founded a private Museum in the village of Ternovka with a unique collection of alcoholic beverages. It now claims a place in the Guinness Book of records.­­ With the growth of the collection, a special building with a height of 28 meters was built for the Museum, resembling a bottle in shape.­ Inside there are four floors, five rooms decorated with carvings, and over 10 thousand types of bottles from 105 countries of the world.

The collection is surprisingly diverse: from the tiniest items, such as a bottle from Mexico in the form of a cartridge with 10 grams of whiskey, to a huge pot-bellied bottle with Ukrainian gorilka. The bottle is plugged with corncob and holds 25 liters of drink.

The museum holds bottles of the most bizarre­ shapes: in the form of a cigar, light bulb, nesting dolls­ , weapons, trains, and even busts of­ famous figures, such as Peter the Great, which contains 7 liters of Russian vodka. There are also special rarities – the mead of 1882 or the cognac of 1852, a bottle of which sits on a­ separate stand surrounded by crystal wine glasses.

The Museum has two tasting rooms: four thousand bottles are located in their honeycomb-like walls.­­