Museum of Anton Rubinstein in Ofatinti

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Museum of Anton Rubinstein in Ofatinti

The museum was opened on November 26, 1994 in a building constructed in 1901 by colleagues and apprenticies of A.G. Rubinstein, a famous Russian pianist, conductor and composer, native of the village of Ofatinti.

The original portrait of A.G. Rubinstein  is presented in the first hall of the exhibition. Personal belongings of Anton Grigorievich, as well as books with opera notes and other exhibits, which were given to the museum from the collections of the Leningrad Conservatory Museum are also presented.

In the second hall visitors can see materials about the history of the village. It is interesting that archaeologists discovered one of the first known camps of primitive people in Eastern Europe in Ofatinti. These primitive people lived here about 300 thousands years ago. A burial monument of late Trypillya, dating back to the 3rd millenium BC, has also been discovered. The exhibits in the third hall tell about residents of the village, participants of the Great Patriotic War and other military operations.