Museum of Military Glory of the town of Rybnitsa

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Museum of Military Glory of the town of Rybnitsa

On May 9, 2010 – to the 65th anniversary of the Victory Day – the Museum of Military Glory of the town of Rybnitsa was opened. It was opened in the historic place where during the years of Great Patriotic War the Nazis arranged a prison and held political prisoners (partisans, underground fighters, etc.). The museum displays materials about the residents of Rybnitsa, who participated in suppression of fascist rebellions in Spain, Portugal, as well as materials about the 3-year period of occupation, partisan movement, Rybnitsa underground organization, about participation of residents of the town in major battles of the Great Patriotic War. Special mention should be made of the story of the tragic death of 270 Soviet patriots who were shot in a prison of Rybnitsa on the eve of the liberation of the town from German-­ Romanian invaders. A collection of front-line letters from participants of the Great Patriotic War should be mentioned as well.

A trophy accordion, a camera, a loudspeaker, military uniform, a machine gun “Maksim”, shell casings, and other things are among the items of military life.

The exhibition about Pridnestrovie tells, among other, about the armed conflict in Moldova, the inhabitants of the region who died in the conflict, and about those who contributed to the development of the region as well.

91 Kirova str., Rybnitsa

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