Museum of P.A. Rumyantseva-Zadunaiskogo and history of v. Stroentsy.

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Museum of P.A. Rumyantseva-Zadunaiskogo and history of v. Stroentsy

The village of Stroentsy is the birthplace of the great Russian commandant – Pyotr Rumyantsev. His mother, Countess M. A. Rumyantseva, lived in this village for about six months, waiting for the return of her husband, who went to Turkey on behalf of Peter I. Here, on January 15, 1725, she gave birth to her son Pyotr Aleksandrovich. Part of the museum’s exposition tells about his life path. The museum displays photographs, photocopies of documents on the military career of P. A. Rumyantsev, as well as bust of the field marshal.

The other part of the materials is about field marshal P. Kh. Wittgenstein. The village of Stroentsy was his estate in the XIX century. The “Tower of Winds” – a monument to the commandant, installed by his daughter – is located on a picturesque, rocky outcrop in the village.

In the Museum, which is located in the building of the village House of culture, you can learn the history of the foundation and development of the village, see old household items and tools.

86 P.A. Rumyantseva-Zadunaiskogo str., v. Stroentsy, Rybnitsa district

tel. 373 555 6-35-74