Museum of peasant life in the village of Ghidirim

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Museum of peasant life in the village of Ghidirim

The exposition is located in two halls and reflects the life of the villagers. In the first hall there are tools and household items, peasant clothes of the beginning of XX century.

On the walls there are stands with drawings, photographs and historical information about Ghidirim and development of agriculture in the village. The second hall is decorated as a guest room – casa mare. According to the national tradition, casa mare is the largest and most beautiful room in the Moldavian house. This room is always clean, elegantly decorated with handmade carpets, embroidered traditional towels, known as rushniki, and is intended only for guests. The most important holidays are always celebrated in casa mare. Christenings, weddings, birthdays, etc are among them. Casa mare, as part of the national culture, is still very important for Moldovans. Poems and novels were written about it.

And the well-known Moldovan writer Ion Druta, in his work “Casa Mare”, philosophically noticed that casa mare is not just the most beautiful room in the house, but a real formula of life of the Moldavian people.

45 Kirova str., v. Ghidirim, Rybnitsa district