Museum of the Hero of the Soviet Union F.I. Zharchinsky

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Museum of the Hero of the Soviet Union F.I. Zharchinsky

Fedor Ivanovich Zharchinsky joined the ranks of the Red Army at the very beginning of World War II. He participated in battles in Ukraine and the Caucasus as well as in Eastern Europe. During the Berlin operation on April 21, 1945, Senior Lieutenant Zharchinsky, together with a group of reconnaissance officers, discovered a concentration camp in the German town of Treuenbrietzen. They decided to liberate the prisoners and got into action with the camp guards. As a result of the operation, they set free 4,500 prisoners of war – Russians, French, Poles, Danes, Belgians, Norwegians, including the commander of the Norwegian armed forces Major General Otto Ruge.

However, F.I. Zharchinsky, who personally eliminated six guards and the camp commandant, was fatally wounded and soon passed away. For his deed, he was posthumously awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union. On May 23, 1982, a museum of the outstanding countryman was opened in Rashkov, and in 2011, a bust of the hero was installed next to the school, whose teacher and director Fedor Ivanovich had been in the pre-war time.