N.S. Aronetskaya Theater of Drama and Comedy

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N.S. Aronetskaya Theater of Drama and Comedy

In 1929, Tiraspol became the capital of the Moldavian Autonomous SSR. An architectural boom dawned upon the city that granted modern Tiraspol a magnificent theater building designed by architect Grigory Gotgelf in the Neoclassicism style. Since 1936, three troupes worked in the theater – Russian, Ukrainian and Moldavian.In the 1940s, the theater stopped its existence. During the war years, the building was badly damaged, and it was only possible to restore it in 1963.

The revival of the theater is inextricably linked with the name of its first chief director – Honored Art Worker of the MSSR and art teacher Nadezhda Aronetskaya. Her performances were distinguished by an innovative approach, a persuasive acting and prompt recognition from Soviet critics. To appreciate Aronetskaya’s outstanding services in the development of Transdniestrian theater art, in 2001 her name was given to Tiraspol Theater. Today Aronetskaya Theater of Drama and Comedy is Tiraspol’s hallmark and a most important cultural center, which is always popular with spectators. During its existence, the theater has staged over 200 plays, and more than 9 million viewers have seen its performances.

The theater’s building is connected with two major dates in the history of Pridnestrovie. First, it was here that on April 12, 1944 a red banner was hoisted

meaning the liberation of the city from the Nazi invaders. Second, here on September 2, 1990 the Pridnestrovian Moldavian SSR was proclaimed as part of the Soviet Union at the 2nd Extraordinary Congress of Deputies of all levels of Transnistria. A reminder of this is a commemorative plaque on the facade of the building.

At present, the theater troupe is comprised of more than 30 actors, the first to mention being such masters as People’s artist of both Pridnestrovie and Moldova I. Taran, People’s artists of Pridnestrovie A. Doryanu and E. Tolstov, the distinguished artists of Transdniestria V. Klimenko, N. Volodina, T. Dikusar,

I.Serikova. Other names are V. Nagapetyan, O. Chekan, O. Prokhorova, N. Ermolaeva, I. Panasenko, L. Tulchinskaya, N. Galatonova, I. Otto, Z. Borets, V. Safronova, Yu. Glovatsky, S Panichev, S. Vokulovsky, A. Mazur.

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