A gastronomic route is posted on the tourist web site of Pridnestrovie

13 March 2021

The gastronomic route “Tastes of Pridnestrovie”, developed by the State Agency for Tourism of the Pridnestrovskaia Moldavskaia Respublika, has already been posted on the tourism web site of Pridnestrovie.

This is a unique 5-day route, and each day where you are introduced to the traditional cuisine of different nations. The first day is dedicated to Russian cuisine, the second day – Moldavian, the third – Ukrainian, the fourth day introduces Turkish cuisine, and the fifth day is dedicated to Moldovan cuisine and takes us to Dubossary.

The route includes places where you can taste national cuisine and drinks, get acquainted with history and enjoy the sights, as well as stay overnight.

The tourist route is available at: https://pridnestrovie-tourism.com/en/routes/gastronomic-tour-tastes-of-pridnestrovie/