“Aviary” was opened in the Catherine’s Park in Tiraspol

1 May 2022

In the Catherine Park of Tiraspol, another interesting location for children and adults has opened – “Aviary”. About 50 parrots of different species are collected in a large aviary for birds. These are lovebirds, corella, budgerigars, necklace parrots and others.

All birds were provided by the largest parrot breeder in Pridnestrovie and Moldova, Vladimir Kliman, who has been doing what he loves for about 40 years. It was he who was given the honor of cutting the red ribbon.

“Aviary” is located near the “Chudo Grad”, for the convenience of parents with children.

It is planned to build a petting zoo in the Catherine Park. Also next week, introduction plates with a QR code will be installed so that you can learn more about a parrot or other animal. Aviaria intends to conduct mini-excursions as well.


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