Time scrolls appeared in the Bendery fortress

27 November 2020

Time scrolls are metal structures with information about the main events of the city and the citadel – were installed along the central walkway of the Alexander Nevsky Park of the Bendery Fortress. These are analogs of the milestones of history located in the Catherine Park of Tiraspol.

Time scrolls are installed on lampposts and harmoniously fit into the architectural concept of the park.

“The fortress time scrolls are located on the main walkway of the park towards the citadel and back. So that every person, even without a guide, could get a brief historical information about the history of the city and the fortress, ”said Alexander Yaskov, director of the historical memorial complex “Bendery Fortress”.

Twenty-eight time scrolls tell us about 75 historical events in Russian and English languages. The alley of time begins with a story about the names of the city, and ends with the opening date of the Alexander Nevsky Park.

The time scrolls were installed in the Alexander Nevsky Park at the initiative of the President Vadim Krasnoselsky.



Based on materials from the news agency “News of Pridnestrovie”