Tourist Information Center in the Bendery Fortress was visited by over 450 tourists

28 September 2021

The Tourist Information Center of Pridnestrovie,  located in the Bendery Fortress, opened its doors in the middle of summer.  The TIC is the main assistant for those who are already traveling or are just planning to come to Pridnestrovie,  because there any tourist can get complete information about traveling in Pridnestrovie.

For two months of the TIC’s work, it was visited by over 450 tourists from 28 countries of the world.  These are mainly citizens of Russia and European countries: Italy, France and the Czech Republic.  Residents of the United States, Canada, India and Japan also visited Pridnestrovie.

As a reminder, in the tourist information center you can:

    •  get all the information of your interest about the sights of Pridnestrovie recommended to visit and how to get to them;
    •  learn about tourist routes to get to know Pridnestrovie;
    •  get acquainted with the nearest tours and excursions offered by local travel agencies;
    •  find out about upcoming events;
    •  choose a place to stay overnight and eat;
    •  get tourist brochures and a map of Pridnestrovie.