Panska Krynytsya

The spring Panska Krynytsya, which means ‘The Grand Lady’s Well’, is located next to the ruins of the synagogue; it is preserved and protected as an object of cultural heritage dating back to the mid-17th century. The name of the spring is connected with Princess Ruxandra, the daughter of the Moldavian principality’s ruler Vasile Lupu. In 1652, she married the son of the famous Ukrainian hetman – Cossacks’ leader – Bogdan Khmelnytsky Timofey. However, the very next year, during the siege of Suceava fortress, he was mortally wounded. After the death of his son, Bogdan Khmelnitsky granted tenure to Ruxanra the town of Rashkov, where the inconsolable widow went to spend thirteen years of her life. According to legend, from the tears of Ruxandra, who was mourning the premature death of her husband, a spring appeared that later became popularly known as Panska Krynytsya