Plants and factories of Pridnestrovie


Moldova Steel Works

Instercentre Lux


Buket Moldavii




What is Pridnestrovie proud of? What is the basis of the industry of this region? Here are some videos about the main plants and factories – the locomotives of the republic’s economy:

– Bed linen of excellent quality of the Tirotex company in Tiraspol,

– Delicious caviar and fish products from the company “Aquatir” in Tiraspol,

– Industrial heavyweight – Moldavian Metallurgical Plant, Rybnitsa,

– Sewing masters – “Intercenter Lux”, Tiraspol,

– Excellent spirits from the “Kvint” plant in Tiraspol,

– Famous aromatic products of “Bouquet of Moldavia” of Dubossary.

On the page Industrial Tourism, you can read more about these factories and plants. Many of them are waiting for you on a tour. Find out more at travel agencies in the region.