Four day bike trip

Four day bike trip

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On this four-day cycling trip, you will see magnificent views of fields and hills, you will see a church in the village of Karmanovo, which does not look like a church at all, stop for a picnic at the three-level waterfall of the Tomashlyk valley and spend the night at the waterfall in the village of Rogi. You will take a tour of the fake house where the movie “Bird’s Milk” was filmed, as well as see the rock monastery, visit the Dubossary zoo, the Dubossary hydro power plant, tunnels of minesnear the village of Bychok and the Kitskansky bridgehead.

The total length of the route is 250 kilometers. The route is also suitable for participants with a “beginner” level of training.

To arrange a tour, please contact PMRLOCALS by phone: +373 777 77919


Bike rental points:


Be careful on the roads and follow the rules of the road. We draw your attention to Chapter 24 of the PMR Traffic Rules “Additional requirements for the movement of cyclists, drivers of mopeds and walk-behind tractors (motor cultivators) with a trailer.”

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