Gastronomic tour “Tastes of Pridnestrovie”

Gastronomic tour “Tastes of Pridnestrovie”

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Pridnestrovie is a truly multinational place. On this land peacefully live Russians, Moldovans, Ukrainians, Bulgarians, Gagauz, Jews, Germans …

We have prepared for you a unique 5-day itinerary, where each day includes places for you to taste national cuisine and drinks, get acquainted with history and see sights, as well as stay overnight.

First day is dedicated to Russian cuisine: enjoy russian cuisine at the Borodino restaurant, visit the Aquatir sturgeon complex, taste the divins of the Kvint plant, dinner and check into the Rossiya hotel.

The second day – Moldovan cuisine: try Moldovan cuisine in the restaurant “Cricova”, taste the wines of the Kvint factory, visit the guest house “Casa Karaman” and the unique museum of alcoholic drinks “Bottle”, dinner and check-in at the hotel “Russia”.

The third day – Ukrainian cuisine: a visit to the Green Market, lunch and tasting of tinctures in Shinok “Kumanyok”, dinner and check-in at the hotel “Russia”.

Fourth day – Turkish cuisine: excursion to the Bendery fortress, excursion and wine tasting in “Kislov”, dinner at the restaurant “Old Bastion”, and check-in at the hotel “Old Bastion”.

Fifth day – Moldavian cuisine. We leave for Dubossary. Lunch at the restaurant of the tourist hotel complex “Dniester Garden”, visit to the ethnographic museum “Casa Mare”, excursion and tasting of wines and liqueurs at the plant “Buket Moldavii”, check-in at the hotel “Dniester Garden”.

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