Lost World

Lost World

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On this tour, you will visit the water mill in the village of Belochi, built in the end of the 19th century. A noisy river flows by the mill. You will make a stop for a picnic there.

In the village of Valya-Adynka you will see the Stone head – an unusual natural stone object resembling the shape of a head, the Grotto of Ustym Karmaliuk, cut through in a stone block, visit the Church of Saint Paraskeva of the Balkans.

The tour will end in one of the Cossack guest houses in the village of Valya-Adynka, where hospitable hosts will introduce you to local traditions, life and local cuisine.

Throughout the tour you will be met by costumed characters of local citizens and heroes from the past of the village of Valya-Adynka.

The tour lasts for 14 hours.

To book the tour, please contact the “RIO” travel agency by phone +373 778 32492.

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