Places of military glory

Places of military glory

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On the eve of the Victory Day (May 9 th ), the State Agency for Tourism of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic published a new tourist route “Places of military glory”. The five-day route includes visiting museums, memorials, monuments and mass graves that are dedicated to military operations, victims and heroes of the World War II of 1941-1945. On June 22, 1941, the World War II has begun. Over the next three years, citizens of our republic were under the fascist occupation. We invite you to visit: museums, places of military glory, monuments, memorials and memorial complexes of Military Glory, dedicated to the heroes and events of the World War II, located in Pridnestrovie.

Day 1. We suggest starting the tour in Bendery. Visit the museum, monuments and memorials dedicated to the heroes of the World War II. Afterwards head to the villages of Chitcani, Parcani.

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Day 2. In Tiraspol, we recommend you to visit the monument to Soviet soldiers who died during the World War II, the Memorial Complex of Glory, the Tiraspol United Museum and other significant
monuments and memorials, the history of which is closely connected to the World War II.

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Day 3. Go to the village of Tashlyk, then to the village of India, then to Grigoriopol and Dubossary, where you will enjoy beautiful landscapes, visit museums and memorials dedicated to the victims of the World War II.

Where to eat in Dubossary | Where to stay in Dubossary

Day 4. On this day, our route "Places of military glory" begins in the village of Gidirim, then visit museums and memorial places in Rybnitsa, in the village of Rashkov – Obelisk to soldiers-fellow villagers who died during the World War II, then visit the historical and cultural complex “Stalin’s Line” in the village of Podoyma.

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Day 5. Visit the complex of memorial museums in Kamenka, then the monuments and memorials to the heroes of the World War II. We suggest you to finish the route in the village of Severinovka.

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